Glean the coloured balls that appear randomly on the track and lengthen the queue behind your kart… But above all, don’t touch the edges of the track or the queue of your opponents, or you’ll all lose the fruits of your efforts!


  • Don’t bite into your queue: if you do, you’ll lose your queue, and half of the balls you’ve collected so far will be scattered on the ground, much to the delight of your opponents.
  • Leaving the play area also has the same consequences.
  • Don’t stop and always keep moving: for every second that you stand still, you lose a ball!
  • On the other hand, if you hit an opponent’s queue, you not only lose all your balls, but the one you just hit gets half of them back!


Strongly boosts the go-kart, it fades out after a few seconds. Be careful; if you use it, you will consume part of your queue!


To save a few seconds of gameplay, when setting up the game, specify “no” to the “Show Setpoints at the Start of Round” setting. For this, make sure that you and your friends have seen the video below beforehand.