Conditions of access

The first condition of access to BattleKart is the question of height: a minimum height of 1.45m is necessary to be able to safely reach the controls. In case of doubt, the personnel reserve the right to check the height of the player using a height gauge, without shoes, and to refuse access to the game if the player does not meet this condition.

The second condition of access is the physiological and psychomotor control of the go-kart. It is necessary to have sufficient psychomotor reflexes to coordinate the controls for acceleration, braking, and steering.

Should a member of our staff notice that a player lacks this control, thereby posing a potential risk to other players, the staff and/or the equipment, the Management of BattleKart authorises the staff member to stop the game and accompany the player in question to the podium zone.

In addition, our go-karts are not adapted for people who do not have mobility in both their legs. It is therefore necessary to be able to physically control both the brakes and the steering at the same time, which means that a player with valid use of at least the left leg and the right arm could access the activity, under certain conditions and after verification by our track staff.


There are several contraindications to the practice of the BattleKart activity:

  • The activity is forbidden for those with epilepsy, those with a weak back or neck, and pregnant women;
  • The activity is not recommended for people suffering from heart conditions;
  • Although the go-karts have successfully passed all the EMV tests – German version of the electromagnetic compatibility tests (EMC) – we do not recommend the activity to people with a pacemaker, due to the magnetic field produced by the engines;
  • We recommend that people with fragile eardrums bring their hearing protection;
  • Persons of a larger build who weigh over 120kg (whose hips would not fit into the seat) may find it difficult or uncomfortable to take part in the activity;
  • It is forbidden to take part in the activity under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Safety rules

Several safety rules should be respected before entering the activity and during the game:

  • It is mandatory to tie back long hair (elastic bands can be made available);
  • It is mandatory to attach your glasses if they must be worn during the activity (elastic bands can be made available);
  • It is forbidden to wear loose clothing or a scarf which could get caught in the go-kart wheels;
  • Arms and legs must remain inside the go-kart throughout the game;
  • It is forbidden and potentially dangerous to drive the go-kart with arms and legs fully extended;
  • It is forbidden to cause physical contact between the go-karts;
  • It is forbidden to touch the go-kart chargers;
  • It is forbidden to walk onto the track;
  • It is forbidden to enter the stands without the operator’s permission;
  • It is forbidden to get into or out of your go-kart without the operator’s permission.