General conditions of sale

Article 1 – Identity of seller
The seller of BattleKart games is the company SRL BattleKart Belgium, registered with the Belgian Crossroads Bank of Enterprises (BCE) under n° 0539.758.973, with head offices at 7711 Dottignies, 20A, rue du Valemprez – Belgium. Tel.: 32(0)56 94 15 28 –

Article 2 – Internal regulations and Conditions of access to the attraction
The purchase of a service from BattleKart Belgium SRL implies full and unconditional acceptance of these general conditions as well as that of the Internal regulations and of the Conditions of access to the attraction.

Article 3 – Ticket prices / gift vouchers – No reimbursement

  1. The management reserves the right to modify its pricing at any time, without prejudice to the visitors for the validity of any games reserved and paid for before this modification.
  2. As far as possible, the management of BattleKart will inform its visitors of any disruption to its activities by regularly updating its Facebook page.
  3. The sole purpose of this information is to limit, as much as possible, any inconvenience that the players may experience; it cannot in any way be construed as acceptance by management to consent to any reduction in price on the games for disruptions that were not mentioned through this channel.
  4. Whatever the method of payment, the BattleKart games will not be exchanged, nor reimbursed, totally or partially. In this respect, it is immaterial that:
    1. The game has not been used or could not be used by the purchaser;
    2. All or some of the attractions of the complex are or were inaccessible, or a game was delayed during the period of validity of the entrance ticket, for reasons linked to the operation of the Park (breakdowns, security problems, maintenance or renovation of these, restoration work, installation of new attractions, etc.), circumstances which cannot under any circumstances be assimilated with cases of force majeure.
  5. Even in the case of force majeure, in the legal sense of the term, the obligation of SRL BattleKart Belgium will be limited to the proposal of a new date to the visitor for use of their entrance ticket that was impacted by the force majeure.
  6. All games are presumed to start at the scheduled time and no reimbursement can be claimed in the case of late arrival. According to the circumstances explained by the player and the availability of tracks, the Management or, if absent, the BattleKart team may agree to move the game.

Article 4

  1. The seats reserved in a game are strictly personal and may not under any circumstances be loaned or transferred. They are only valid on presentation, or creation, of the membership card in the name of their holders.
  2. It is strictly prohibited to reproduce, duplicate or forge a BattleKart membership card or a gift voucher in any manner whatsoever. Any attempt to sell or use an irregular entrance ticket, in addition to any criminal prosecution, will immediately bring about the confiscation of this entrance ticket without any possibility of reimbursement and without prejudice to compensation for the full amount of the damages sustained.
  3. BattleKart Belgium does not accept any responsibility in the case of illegal use of an entrance ticket following its loss or theft, if it has not received prior notice of this loss or theft. For example, the validity of the promotional codes on the gift vouchers can be cancelled by the manager at the request of the aggrieved party.

Article 5 – Respect for intellectual property
The intellectual property rights of the website and of its elements belong to the SRL BattleKart Belgium. The sales contract concluded between the SRL BattleKart Belgium and the buyer does not grant the latter the right to copy, reproduce, download, post, transmit or distribute any of the elements of the BattleKart Belgium website.

Article 6 – Privacy protection
The rules concerning the respect of legislation concerning the protection of personal data are described in the Confidentiality Charter that can be found in a separate tab on the website.

Article 7 – Applicable law and competent tribunal
Any dispute relating to the BattleKart Belgium website and to the sale of tickets is governed by Belgian law. Only the courts and tribunals of the jurisdiction of Tournai will be competent.

Article 8 – Online sale of tickets, scope
The contracts concluded remotely through the website, are concluded directly with the SRL BattleKart Belgium. If the buyer of the ticket is a consumer as understood by the Code of Economic Law, they are governed by the provisions of that Code.

Article 9 – Offer

  1. The information detailing the products or services that can be bought on the BattleKart Belgium website, constitutes an offer of sale. Unless expressly mentioned otherwise, the offer is valid, as long as there is no material error, for as long as it remains on the official website of BattleKart Belgium.
  2. BattleKart Belgium is not responsible for any information, pricing, conditions of access and opening times that do not come from its official website.

Article 10 – Contracts
The steps to follow to enter into a contract:

  1. Connection to the reservation tool (for the first connection, create an account) on the website
  2. Choose the date and the time slot
  3. Choose the number of players and the number of games per player
  4. Choose the pricing package (with or without privatisation)
  5. Apply any promotional code
  6. Accept the conditions of access, internal regulations and general conditions of sale
  7. Summary of your reservation
  8. Payment
  9. Payment acceptance or refusal (by our payment service provider) – Our online payment service provider (Hipay) does not deliver any information relating to the payment to BattleKart Belgium, who declines any responsibility relating to the online payment process. As part of this relationship, the parties accept electronic means of proof, such as email and recordings within the computer systems. The company Hipay respects the regulations of the PCI DSS standards. 

Article 11 – Absence of the Right of Withdrawal 

According to the European Directive 2011/83/EU of 25 October 2011, Article 16, paragraph l), the right of withdrawal cannot be exercised for contracts for the provision of accommodation services other than for residential purposes, transport of goods, car rental services, catering or services related to leisure activities that must be provided for a specific date or a specific period.

Article 12 – Sale of games
This chapter applies to the sale of games through the website, and the group events proposed through a quote from our commercial team.

Article 13 – Pricelist and definition of “group”

  1. Under the present general conditions, a game can include from 1 to 12 persons.
  2. The public pricelist applies for up to 12 persons and only an online reservation can be used to book the chosen time slot.
  3. The games are not considered private as long as the maximum number of participants has not been reached. It is therefore possible that other players can join your game, especially if your group is small. It is presumed that all players are well aware of this situation and there will be no right to reimbursement, discount or compensation should this situation arise.
  4. Group rates are available and can be applied to groups of more than 12 players, to companies and institutions, etc. Our commercial teams will work with you to propose a bespoke event with transparent pricing. The reservation of a group event will only be effective in our schedule once the proposed quote has been returned to us, signed for agreement.

Article 14 – Reservation

  1. Reservations are made through the website, by creating or connecting to a personal account and paying for the desired part. From 20 people or more, you can request a tailor-made offer via the contact page or by phone on +32 3 386 15 60 (working days from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., WE during the complex’s opening hours).
  2. All reservations must be confirmed by BattleKart Belgium, by email. If you have not received confirmation please contact our administrative team on +32 3 386 15 58 (weekdays 9:00 – 17:00, see opening hours of the complex for weekend hours).
  3. Bookings will only be completed upon receipt of full payment for the service. BattleKart reserves the right to re-advertise any slot which has not been confirmed at least one week before the date of the service.

Article 15 – Payment for a reservation

  1. The game must be paid for in advance, upon reservation, online on the website. Failing this and only according to availability (visible in real time and online on the same website), the client may register for a game and purchase it at the complex (in cash or by bank card) at the reception.
  2. The online payment will be made in euros using the payment platform HIPAY (Carte Bleue, Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, Bancontact, etc.). The card will be debited after the client clicks the “Pay” button. The payment for the reservation can also be made using all or part of the balance of the player’s BattleKart account. This account can be credited, as needed, using the same means of payment as well as through a PayPal account. The client will then receive a confirmation of payment or confirmation of the personal account refill.

Article 16 – Cancellation of a reservation

  • Games reserved through the website: In accordance with article VI. 53 12° of the code of economic law (The consumer may not exercise the right of withdrawal as foreseen in article VI.47 for 12 ° the provision of accommodation services other than for residential purposes, transport of goods, car rental services, catering or services related to leisure activities if the contract foresees a specific date or period for the execution of the service), the client does not have the right to cancel the purchase. BattleKart is therefore not obliged to reimburse a booking that is cancelled by the client.
  • Games reserved on the basis of a quote (groups of more than 12 persons, company events, etc.): Accepting a quote implies payment. Other than situations left to the discretion of the Management, the amounts due on the basis of a signed quote will be irrevocably due.

Article 17 – Payment in error
If you dispute a payment made through our website by mistake, you will be charged for the procedural costs incurred by us. These costs amount to €20 per transaction, but this rate may change. Under no circumstances is the player’s account balance refundable.

Article 18. Sale of BattleKart games by a third party
For tickets and/or discount vouchers bought or obtained from a third-party reseller, the buyer is naturally bound by the contractual obligations linking them to this reseller. However, by simply entering into the complex, the buyer is demonstrating his/her acceptance of the BattleKart Internal Regulations, and of the conditions of validity of the offer proposed by the third-party reseller. The sale of games offered by BattleKart is strictly forbidden and SRL BattleKart Belgium reserves the right to prosecute any individuals or companies who offer tickets for sale (official or counterfeit) without the express authorisation from SRL BattleKart Belgium.