Good to know

Are there any age/height/weight restrictions? BattleKart is accessible to people measuring at least 1.45 metres in height, so long as they have safe access to the pedals. Access to the activity may be difficult and uncomfortable for people weighing more than 120 kg and with a heavy build. The detailed conditions of access can be found on this page. We invite you to read them.

Dress code. There is no specific dress code. However, players should not wear scarves or loose clothing which could get caught in the go-kart wheels. Make sure that you secure your glasses if necessary; (straps for glasses are available to purchase for €1 on-site). Hair must also be tied back for security reasons. Due to the fact that our go-karts are electric, the only possible soiling is as a result of the projection of tyre dust. Despite the daily cleaning of the track and go-karts, we recommend that you do not wear white clothing.

ROI. The customer is king, but the Internal Regulations, the Conditions of Access and our General Terms and Conditions apply, above all for the safety of everyone. Don’t hesitate to consult them in detail before your reservation, or before your arrival.

Rush hour. Friday evenings, Saturdays, Sundays and school holidays are the periods when BattleKart has the highest attendance, and therefore reservation is imperative, sometimes 2 to 3 weeks in advance. Don’t hesitate to come between Tuesday and Thursday!

Opening times. Opening times are listed on this page.

Pricing. It is available on this page.

Car park. At the entrance of the complex, you have many free parking spaces, as well as bicycle parking and a charging station for electric vehicles.

Children. It is required to measure a minimum of 1.45m to access the pedals safely. In case of doubt, the personnel reserves the right to check the height of the player using a height gauge, without shoes, and to refuse access to the game if the player does not meet this condition. Access to the complex is forbidden to children under the age of 12 who are not accompanied by an adult capable of supervising them (and with the written permission of the parents if they are not accompanying them).

A maximum of 12 players simultaneously. We can offer you games for up to 12 players on the same track. Are there more of you? Then, it’s possible to spread yourselves out over several games, simultaneously on our two tracks, or successively on the same track (depending on the availability and your wishes).

Play among yourselves. Making the game private is quite possible, as soon as it is booked, even if you are less than 12 players! All you have to do is to tick the appropriate box at the bottom of the online reservation form, and pay for the remaining seats (calculated at the lowest price according to the number of games booked). Then it will no longer be possible for anyone to register and you are guaranteed to play “among yourselves”.  

Reservation. Click on the “Reservation” button on our home page and follow the steps! We don’t take reservations by email, phone, messenger, a comment on our Facebook page, etc.; thank you for your understanding.

Reservation = payment. In the case of a reservation, it is necessary to make an up-front payment. Indeed, due to reservations that were never honoured, the BattleKart team was forced to ask for up-front payment to be sure not to block a slot for people did not show up, thus depriving other players of the BattleKart experience. Paying up-front also makes the registration process quicker and smoother and saves you time at the reception desk. Conclusively, it allows you to prevent errors related to down-payments, balance-payments, etc.

Arrival time. To avoid any delay in getting onboard, we specify the desired arrival time at BattleKart in the registration confirmation email. Don’t hesitate to come early, which will allow you to have a drink while watching other games, discuss the strategy with your next opponents, etc. In the case of late boarding, it will be impossible for you to take part in your activity. 

Don’t feel like playing? Access to the complex is completely free and does not imply participation in the game. Do you have an unfortunate contraindication related to participation? Would you prefer to stay in our panoramic bar and admire the prowess of your friends? This is perfectly possible while sipping one of the many drinks on the menu.

Lockers. To store your personal belongings while you enjoy the activity, free lockers with a code are available in the boarding area.

Helmet. Thanks to our anti-collision system and the adaptation of the speed of the go-karts during the game, we can offer the activity without imposing the wearing of a helmet. However, you must buckle your seatbelt in order to play.

Means of payment. You can pay on this website via the Hipay platform (Credit card, Bancontact, Visa, Mastercard, Maestro). On site, you can pay by card or cash. Cheques are not accepted. 

Secured website. Our online payment provider (Hipay) does not provide any payment information to BattleKart Belgium, which therefore declines all responsibility for the online payment process. In the course of their relations, the parties accept electronic means of evidence, such as emails and recordings from computer systems. The Hipay company respects the regulations of the PCI DSS standards. 

Companies and organisations. The activity is of course accessible to groups and companies, by reservation and on the basis of an estimate which will be established by your adviser. We can offer you a number of à la carte formulas and facilities, as well as an opening outside our normal opening hours, or even privatisation of the complex. Don’t hesitate to contact us! 

Operator and responsible for invoicing. BattleKart Belgium SCRL, located at Rue du Valemprez 20A, 7711 Dottignies (company number: BE0539758973).

Invoices. For individuals, all completed transactions can be viewed on our website, once you log into your account in the ‘Your Profile’ section.  The breakdown of these payments and the invoices can be downloaded in PDF format. 

GDPR.  This website complies with personal data protection legislation, as well as that which relates to consumer awareness and protection. You can consult our privacy policy via this link.

Forgot your password? Click on “Forgot your password?” on the login window and enter your email address before validating. A new password will be sent to you. The password recovery email may have been lost in your spam; check your “junk mail” folder just in case! 

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