Internal regulations

Art.1. Any person or group who enters the premises of BattleKart agrees unreservedly to comply with these regulations and their extensions (general conditions of sale, conditions of access, etc.) and other instructions in the form of posters, pictograms, located in and around the establishment. In addition, any person or group is expected to follow the instructions and directions of the personnel of the establishment, in the car park, in the bar, as well as on the tracks and the surrounding area.

Art.2. BattleKart Herentals is accessible to the public according to the schedule posted at the entrance to the complex and published on our website

Art.3. Unless otherwise authorised by the Management, no one may access the track if they have not registered for a game and paid for the entrance ticket beforehand.

Art.4. The Management may at any time, for technical reasons or due to force majeure, order the temporary or definitive closure of the establishment without anyone being able to claim compensation or damages.

Art.5. Access to the buildings is forbidden:

  • To people accompanied by animals (with the exception of guide dogs for the visually impaired, upon presentation of the card as needed);
  • To people under the influence of alcohol or showing abnormal agitation;
  • To people under the influence of psychotropic substances;
  • To people in an obvious state of uncleanliness;
  • To children under the age of 12 years, who are not accompanied by an adult capable of supervising them (and with written authorisation of the parents).

Art.6. It is forbidden to smoke inside the buildings of BattleKart, including the panoramic bar.

Art.7. Inside the premises of BattleKart and on the parking, it is forbidden to consume drinks or food that does not come from our bar. It is also forbidden to consume drinks or food (even if it comes from our bar) in the boarding zone or on the track.

Art.8. It is forbidden to annoy other players with gestures, actions or attitudes that lack respect for others or demonstrate bad sportsmanship.

Art.9. BattleKart is a family-oriented establishment. Therefore, the Management reserves the right to exclude any player or client who, by their words, gestures or attitudes, violates the principle that is commonly known in Belgian law as “good morals”. This includes any posture, gesture or attitude of a sexual or obscene nature, and more specifically with regard to the photo terminal, nudity, even partial, exposed with the aim of being photographed. If the photo terminal records pictures that are considered unsuitable by the BattleKart staff, these will be deleted and will not be published on the company’s Facebook page, nor sent to the client.

Art.10. During the activity, the customers are responsible for respecting the present rules and the safety instructions.

Outside the activity, the Management of BattleKart declines any liability in case of accident, caused by customers within the complex and on the parking lot. Customers will be responsible for the damage they could cause to third parties, to the material and to the premises.

Art.11. The Management and the establishment’s personnel cannot, in any way, be held responsible for the loss, theft, disappearance or damage to any objects (glasses, etc.) or to clothing belonging to the players or clients. Secure lockers are available free of charge to the players to leave their personal belongings for the duration of the game. Elastic bands (to tie up long hair) and cords for glasses are available for players who haven’t brought any. BattleKart will not be held liable in the case of theft or deterioration of vehicles parked in the car park of the premises.

Art 12. BattleKart does not have a nursery. Please ensure that you have someone who can supervise your children, who cannot play, during your game.

Art.13. Failure to comply with any point of these rules can lead to the player being excluded from the game without any refund or other form of compensation. Furthermore, BattleKart reserves the right to exclude any person (player or not) from the complex if they do not respect these regulations.

Art.14. Without prejudice to any judicial remedy, BattleKart Management will decide on any further action to be taken, if necessary, concerning any situation that is not foreseen in these regulations. Any complaints or suggestions, of any kind, should be addressed in writing to the Management.

Art.15. BattleKart is allowed to record media (photos, etc.) within its facilities and may distribute the material freely.

Art.16. These regulations will be posted visibly and permanently inside the establishment.

Art.17. In the event of a serious dispute, only the courts of Tournai will have jurisdiction.