In matches of 15 or 30 minutes, choose one of our various packages to live the BattleKart experience to the full; there is a package for every taste.

The “Classic” of all classics! Multiply and personalise the different rounds of each match, and choose your game!
In this case there are no general rankings, just fun in its purest form and a winner for each match!

The bonus

No hassle, you can choose from the full range of games for each match.

Do you want to measure yourself against all your competitors?
In this case, the winner is the player with the most points in the final ranking, calculated based on the scores of each match played. Only one restriction: choose the same games for each match, and the best player wins!

The bonus

Optimal player distribution across each match often makes it possible to play more for the same price.

The perfect package for players with a thirst for competition: you play several matches and across them, the players are grouped together to compete according to their level. Playing in a League means being able to measure yourself against opponents of your level!

The bonus

A more uniform playing level for a more balanced and faster paced challenge.