SD’s and HN’s (Stag Do’s and Hen Nights)

Organising a hen night or a stag do isn’t a simple task. The choice of different activities, the schedule so that everything goes as planned, the surprise effect for the lucky one, etc. Is a friend is getting married soon, and you are preparing for “his” or “her” day?

BattleKart brings all the assets together for a successful Hen Night/Stag Do! A fun, accessible and innovative activity; it is sure to delight all the participants on the day.

BattleKart is also has a panoramic lounge bar that allows you to extend the party while enjoying the games that are being played on our two tracks below. It’s an opportunity for you to be inspired by other player’s techniques for your next games.

What’s more, for Stag Do’s and Hen Nights you might want to organise at BattleKart, we offer a package that rewards the craziest among you:

Come dressed up, everyone, and make the podium photo thanks to the free terminal. The person for whom you organised the party will receive a pass equivalent to the race package already played. Caution: when we say disguised, we mean disguised: a mask or a cape is not enough.

A few tips to make your Hen Night or Stag Do run smoothly:

  • Reserving your game early enough ensures that you play at the right time and keep perfect timing during this busy day.
  • Consult our website and the explanations of the different game modes and, if you wish, customise the content of your game from your couch!
  • Like most of our players, if you would like to take the time to settle down and have a drink before your game, please arrive at the reception desk 30 minutes before your game starts.
  • Consumption of alcohol is prohibited before the start of the game. With Stag Do’s/Hen Nights often being “well-doused” times, we advise you to book for the beginning of the day so as not to require that you stay sober all day long.
  • Take advantage of the time you will spend in our panoramic bar to watch the Replay, and taunt your opponents by showing them your infallible technique in slow motion, in case they didn’t understand on the track.